Just a bunch of random thoughts

  • there’s not enough time in the day
  • today I forgot my card, had $5 in cash and bought some fire ass starbursts gummies, my priorities are garbage.
  • why do car sales people suck? like I’m just trying to be great and you’re trying to scam me. be nice you human.
  • I’m not a feminist, but this whole car buying bullshit has really opened my eyes
  • I’m so stressed, but I’m weird. In my brain I’m totally chill, but my hands are clammy, random bursts of sassiness and pacing is what I do the most
  • theres really not enough time in the day
  • I didn’t post last Thursday because thanksgiving. Idk, I just wanted people off their phones and with their peeps
  • but really, did anyone even care about my missing post on thursday? lol
  • I think about so much shit
  • I love Ashley
  • she made my day so much better than I ever imagined it to be
  • speaking things into existence is a real thing, really.
  • I love “just being in the room”
  • listening is something I’ve become so much better at
  • Sydney now and Sydney last year are two totally different people
  • I’m really so proud of myself, I’m really so happy to look in the mirror.
  • I’m taking my grad photos tomorrow, haley is so bae.
  • literally not prepared at all
  • I thrifted my dress, *UT symbol emoji, aka sydney’s emoji*
  • I really do love thrifting. retail stores are the least fun. I went into H&M yesterday, and nothing interested me, yet I spent a $100 at the thrift store, like I said before, my priories are a little janky rn.
  • Today I rolled around with all my windows down jammin Travis Scott, it was seriously the best time
  • Jorge is my best friend, even though he’s mean
  • I really enjoy Monday nights, cause yoga and Zoe always sleeps over.
  • I sometimes really feel like David gets so annoyed with me lmao
  • I really do love lululemon
  • Also, coaching started on Sunday
  • I really wonder if anyone is even reading this lol
  • I really hate buying hair ties
  • I ran out of hair ties today, (what do you call them? hair ties? scrunchies? chongos? lmao s/o to the 956) and that seriously sucked. I felt like my life was in shambles.
  • I really feel my tastebuds changing
  • The Vatican for my 25th birthdaay fo show
  • I’m really trying to find new books to read
  • y’all graduation so stressful omg
  • is it inappropriate to just text the fam all the graduation details and invite them via text? :/
  • adulting sucks
  • I’m back to coaching and man, I really do love coaching
  • I think I love coaching more than I’ve ever loved playing
  • I was so extra back then lmao
  • I would get yellow carded all the time lmfao
  • and I got yellow carded this season in intramurals lmaooooo
  • old habits die hard
  • I really want a cat
  • I want a girl cat and her name will be Susan
  • also a boy cat named William
  • bring trader jo’s and/or whole foods to san mo
  • I have a real life schmidt in my life
  • Payton, David and David, the balcony, the funniest.
  • I really love coaching
  • Lululemon totes the best thing that’s ever happened to me
  • I’m trying to get this thang done by midnight but I just keep thinking of things
  • David so fine
  • I just want a prius man
  • get a hydro flask, change yo life
  • the village whylin
  • LUSH can have all my money
  • everyone needs a squatty potty
  • I’m so ready to be done with school
  • I skipped all my classes yesterday…
  • ……and today
  • always pick your roommates, I’m just gonna leave that there lmao
  • I love hearing David’s thoughts
  • watch Black Mirror on Netflix, but only if you’re seriously ready to put your brain through some things
  • I’ve literally gotten 957028438038403438 emails today
  • I really enjoyed spending time with my dad today
  • Ash is so great
  • Be good to the universe, it will be good to you.
  • I love this youtuber, Amy, and in her video today she talked about how she’s reading the Alchemist. Seriously love her.
  • read the Alchemist.
  • I seriously can’t drink water without my hydro flask
  • I’m so extra
  • it doesn’t matter about the grade I get but still, David doesn’t have to take an exit exam, I’m so mad
  • I think I’m done now
  • oh
  • but really, there’s not enough time in the day

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