My go-to Breakfast + Influential peeps

Influential people are good for the soul and stomach.

Haley Bahm is not only a great friend but an even better cook. This woman was my inspiration to enjoy life on the healthy side. Her website, Soul + Spoon has amazingly amazing recipes and some amazing writing of her own (ps. do more of those thangs) Her Soul + Spoon IG is so smooth on the eyes, I wish i could jump through the screen to taste what she made that day. She is a huge inspiration on life aesthetically, my love for Pinterest and my interest in treating my body better. Thank you Haley, for being so freaking awesome in so many ways.

We live in the same neighborhood, so next time i see a new post, I’m just inviting myself over. You’ve been warned HAHAHA


now lets talk about breakfast tingssssss

This toast has been my go-to breakfast when I’m feeling lazy but still want something to fill me up! I saw a picture of this on tumblr and decided to recreate it! I hope you guys enjoy!

What you’ll need (well what I used, use what ya want, be great!)

1 slice of bread (or two, however hungry you are) I used Natures Own Honey Oat


1 Banana (I only used half of it on my toast and ate the other half)

Chia seeds


  1. I toasted my bread
  2. threw on some peanut butter (who measures things anyways?!)
  3. cut up a banana, placed em on top
  4. topped with honey
  5. and sprinkled a pinch of chia seeds (but really, how measures things?!)

Oh and paper plates is how I really be livin lol


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