My struggles with school.

Y’all remember me talking about that test I got a 66 on.. the one that determines if I graduate or not.. yeah well I lied. I got a 55 on that hoe. I know, I know. (my mother, i adore you, thank you for loving me unconditionally) but I lied because i made up some fucked up reason in my head that I had to be good at school, that I had to like school, that truly screwing your GPA and losing all hopes and dreams in getting an A.

well fuck that.

It’s weird. I personally don’t think I’m a good person to look up to, (because I get 55’s on tests, wear leggings 24/7, think hoops are business casual and cuss like a sailor to name a few) but I also feel that maybe, maybe I am.. simply because I’m h o n e s t.

Today, I took my second test.. and I’m feeling good about it! a solid B or C! and mannnnnnnnnnn IT LOOKS LIKE I ACTUALLY MIGHT GRADUATE IN DECEMBER. He hasn’t graded anything yet, but hopefully i’ll be flooding the TL with graduation pics soon. LIKE SUPER SOON.

The thing with college is.. I feel like the education system throws you in a box. (at least for my major)

I’m pursuing a bachelor of science in Mass Communication in Electronic Media with a minor in Fashion Merchandising.

I remember in middle school, I would get penalized because I didn’t solve the math equation the way the teacher wanted us to.. YET I STILL HAD THE RIGHT ANSWER.

shit like that blows my mind.

When did we lose the hope of being an astronaut? the president? a script writer? When did the education system take away all of our dreams because of some stupid regulated test?

My dream, fantasy job, the 32 year old me would work from wherever my laptop find wifi. I would travel every month. Event planning, website building, stock owning, brand creating, web design, blog writing would be some of the many jobs I would own.

I feel that being an entrepreneur is not necessarily frowned upon.. but it’s defiantly not taught. I love college and I’m so thankful for the experience, not many are as fortunate as I am, but when I have kids, I hope to feed their creativity, teach them they could be whoever they want to be and let them fall in love with the things around them.. and for them to realize, they can get paid to do things that they love.

so cheers to my 55, cheers to me not knowing what the hell is next, cheers to me, for still feeding my spirit even though the education system says it’s unrealistic.

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