It’s election day.. and I still haven’t voted..

This may be great.. or terrible, or absolutely amazing, or just really.. REALLY.. REALLY BAD. Did I mention really bad?

I’m just gonna throw this out there that I’m terrified to post this. Really. Politics and the election and millennials don’t mix. Were like fire and gasoline.. literally….

but anyways.. here goes nothing.


It really blows my mind. How today is probably one of the most important days in all of the universe and no one is really talking about it..

It’s like an unspoken rule.. don’t talk to people about the election, don’t question their beliefs, don’t do this.. don’t do that.. or who you’re voting for..


It’s the the biggest elephant in the room, that’s slowly suffocating all of us..

I haven’t voted. (Dad.. I know you’re pissed cause I lied, but talking about politics is my least favorite thing.. in the world)

I’m clueless because no one talks to me about a damn thing. All I’ve ever heard from my peers is that..

  1. millennials are the problem
  2. we’re uneducated
  3. We wouldn’t know what to do without a phone in our hand
  4. “cause you always on that damn phone”

Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m uneducated or don’t watch the news as much as I should. Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe I’m what they’re talking about.

To be honest, it’s terrifying talking to people about politics. Every time I’ve tried to express my political views, I get scolded on how I’m uneducated. IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME.

Strangers. I was getting my nails done one day and there was a random, old grumpy man  started  lecturing me on how a certain president was the worst thing that ever happened to our country and how Trump is what we need. I WAS JUST SITTING THERE, MINDIN MY BUSINESS, TREATIN MYSELF, ENJOYING LIFE, AND HERE COMES THIS RANDOM MAN WHO IS LECTURING ME BECAUSE WHO THE FK KNOWS?!

It’s not an excuse. I should of voted. I should of done my own research. I should of paid more attention to the news. I get it. I just wish I lived in a society where sharing ideas is a thing and even if one doesn’t agree, they aren’t belittled or end in violence or screams.

Maybe I didn’t vote because it’s not the president’s fault, or the future president’s fault.. I didn’t vote because the problem.. the problem is the person in the mirror. The person that hates another person because of their skin color, religion, what they identify as, race, if they believe in aliens..

We as individuals have so much hate in our hearts that a simple talk about how your day went can easily turn into a lecture.

So whatever this day holds, I hope you all, no matter who it is, just try to be a better soul.

How can we wish to change the world when we can’t even change ourselves?

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