October favsssss

I’m a cheeseball, and October has been soooo good to me. Here are some things that have gained a special place in my soul. This isn’t the most “traditional” monthly favs either. You will be able to tell how impulsive I am by this super non-organized list.



THIS IS THE OG OF ALL THE OG’S. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth nail polish has been my ride or die since the beginning of high school. I’m a nail biter. This stuff really works. I grow my nails out every now and then because they seriously just grow so fast. My nails are never ever naked. The nail polish itself is super shiny so I love how it makes me feel like I’m semi girly. *ps. don’t acknowledge my ratchet nails*


Lush can have all of my money. Let The Good Times Roll is the greatest cleanser I’ve ever experienced. My face has moments of shittyness and breakouts happen from time to time. Ever since I started using this, my face has cleared up and my skin has felt so smooth. It’s a super gentle cleanser with the greatest smell ever. EVER. You can literally feel your dead skin coming off. AMAZEBALLS.


Lush’s other great invention is Skin Drink. I have very dry skin. It’s been hard finding a moisturizer that leaves me feeling hydrated, especially after a shower and washed face. Skin Drink is beyond luxurious. I apply a generous amount in the morning and it keeps me fresh faced all day. I will say, with this Texas heat, it sometimes makes me a bit oily, but it still has my heart.


These oils!!! I have literally gone to every Marshall’s in the San Antonio/San Marcos area searching for more. Seriously. life changing. I’m still in search for the Eucalyptus one with a rollerball. #justwaitonit

Ashley I love you so much. I bought a second De-stress one for you, remind me to bring it to work.

30608067675_cf89bf20a8_o30713723055_b7ee380f5a_oI’m obviously obsessedddddddd. This is my favorite candle in the whole wide world. Cold weather and candles go hand in hand. The Warm Tobacco Pipe scent is so rich it’s literally overwhelming. This makes my whole house smell wonderful. If you love a deep, strong scent, this baby is calling your name.


Okay.. let me tell y’all the story. David is a Psychology major and truthfully, my favorite thing about our relationship is the conversations we have. Aliens, clouds, the universe and canned bread are some of our favorite things to talk about. One random day David told me he wanted to try a new toothpaste without fluoride. I’m terrible at teeth or anything in general about toothpaste so I was open to his idea. To make a super long story short, fluoride is harmful to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is also known as the “third eye.” The famous philosopher Descartes described the pineal gland as the “principal seat of the soul.” If you want to read more on this article, Check it out here!

Now fast forward, Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste is freaking amazing. I’ve never enjoyed a toothpaste so much. It’s fluoride free and leaves my mouth feeling fresh. I will say it’s a bit pricey but I’m really enjoying it. Plus my pineal gland is happy too! (I’m so strange, I know) I couldn’t find this brand at Walmart but it was at my local H-E-B.


Okay so I just got this yesterday but this baby has been on my amazon wish list FOREVER and Zoe got me one. Hydro Flask is like a YETI on steroids. I’m such a happy camper. I know I’m going to love it and I’m soooooo excited. I literally couldn’t stop talking about it.


These Vans are the classic shoe I’ve been looking for. As my style has evolved, these are my go-to’s. I love the simplicity of the black and white yet it gives me an edgy feel. I can literally pair them with anything. Some cut off levi’s or some Lululemon, these are my winter essential shoes.


Atlanta is my new favorite show of ALL TIME. THE SEASON FINALE COMES ON TONIGHT ON FX AT 10!! The episodes are only 30 minutes long and they are available online thorough your network provider! It’s a comedy that touches on real social issues. Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover wrote and produced it! One specific episode had me on the floor dying of laughter.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset


Our weekly, Monday night yoga. Red Dawg has been our Monday night ritual all thanks to Haley! I’m still growing in my practice, but being able to hang out with some amazing peeps while experiencing the great joy of yoga is my favorite thing this whole dang month. If you want to join or know of any badass places in the San Marcos/San Antonio/Austin area, LET ME KNOW!

and lastly, we gotta finish up this favorites with my current favorite songs. (some are hella old, but still freakin jams!)

  • Wonderful – Travis Scott
  • Digits – Young Thug
  • Sneakin – Drake
  • What a year – Big Sean
  • Lose – Travis Scott
  • Drink More – Mick Jenkins
  • Through the late night – Travis Scott
  • Smoke Break – Chance the Rapper
  • All we got – Chance the Rapper
  • Apple pie – Travis Scott
  • Beibs in the Trap – Travis
  • Don’t touch my hair – Solange
  • However do you want it – Soul II Soul
  • Still here – Drake
  • Faithful – Drake

Hope y’all enjoyed!



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