Today I feel like I just took up space..

I’ve realized my favorite way to cope with weird shit is to write. I’ve realized writing helps me overcome a weird day, a bad day, heck, even a great day. I catch myself itching for Tuesday’s simply because those are my days “designated” for writing.. but screw it, Tuesday’s and Thursdays will be my days dedicated to writing. So two days out of the week expect something magical on this blog.


Let’s talk about today tho.

Today was weird. I woke because of a shitty dream. A dream that made my whole day off. It’s silly, but it was a dream that David didn’t like me anymore. (I know, I’m a mess, but man everyone has insecure moments. Mine just happened to appear in a dream.) I’m quite a dramatic human so the rest of my morning was off. I went to my kitchen and the energy I experienced while making breakfast just made life weird too. I spend lots of my time trying to understand people who just look mad at the world. but that’s another story, for another time. So I painted my nails black. (I told you I’m dramatic)

I have a fashion class, (my last fashion class for my minor) that makes me dread Tuesdays/Thursdays so today, I decided to skip. I MISSED AN ASSIGNMENT THAT WAS DUE YESTERDAY AND ONE THAT WAS DUE RIGHT BEFORE CLASS. Oh man life is grand. BUT, I watched Dance Moms and that made it all better.

On campus they we’re doing henna tattoos so ya girl got one. A really cute one too!! To prepare me for the deadly Media Law.


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I went to my Media Law class (that is my hardest class, that is the same class I got a 66 on my first test in, and this class determines if I graduate in December or not and that I skipped on Tuesday.. YES MOM, I’M SO SORRY. I HAD A ROUGH WEEEK.) And not only was I lost as hell but mannnnnnnnnnn I WAS LOST. LOST IN ALL THE SAUCE.


I decided to go shopping because I meannnnnnnnn………

I got some new undies from Target. I feel like I’m the only girl that isn’t a fan of Victoria’s Secret or PINK.

But then I went to Marshall’s and life was soooo good…


The top one (big one) $7.99 and small one (bottom) $6.99

This is obvi my favorite candle so I had to get the big one too!

The Body Shop hand lotion $1.50
Nakamol Chicago wrap bracelet $8

I’ve always wanted a Chan Luu bracelet but this $8 one is perf

Tisserand De-stress roller ball oil $2.50

My super great friend Ashley showed me an Eucalyptus oil that made me fall in love but this one had a roller ball so I wanted to try this out first! Eucalyptus is my next one!


Today I felt like I just took up space. I’m not happy, or sad, or mad, I’m just kindaaaa here, and that’s okay. It’s okay to have weird days. Well at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

At this very second, my good friend Payton came over. He’s sitting on my floor and he’s just telling me about life. Truthfully, he hasn’t quite realized how much I value his friendship but I’m happy he’s here. He unknowingly made my day a whole lot better.

4 thoughts on “Today I feel like I just took up space..

  1. You’re adorable,I love your blog! 🙂 Hope you have better luck with school. I was a fashion merch major at TX state,and I can agree some classes are just ughhh, lol.
    I look forward to new posts (:

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