I’ve decided Tuesdays are my new favorite days.

I love to write but I claim I have “no time” because Law and Order SVU is just too good to not watch all day. I’ve decided to dedicate every Tuesday to my writing, my favorite thing to do, my favorite way to vent. To be quite honest, I couldn’t tell you what to expect.. because well.. I don’t even know.. but I could tell you something magical will appear on this blog every Tuesday. Oh, and don’t ask about time, well because, you know me.


***Lets have a mini recap***

  • I’m still trying to graduate
  • I got a 66 on my first major exam (i hope you’re not reading this, sorry mom) but ya girl already checked the syllabus so you know I got this
  • nope, I still have no clue what I’m doing with my life after December 16th
  • but I can’t wait to take cheesy couple graduation pics with David (he’s graduating too!)
  • I want to start making videos again for my YouTube channel…….
  • I’m still loving my job at lululemon
  • I just finished reading the Alchemist
  • I’m slowly finding my style
  • Jorge has a limp
  • Zoe is really, really, a friend I always needed.
  • I miss my family and David’s family too..
  • adulting still sucks


Till next Tuesday,



2 thoughts on “Tuesdays

  1. Hey Sydney even at the age I’m at 61 I still
    Don’t know what I want to do . But I try to
    Reinvent myself often . So do things that are fun , enjoy your friends always always keep
    Your family first . Hope to go zip line working off my bucket list . I’ll check on
    Your Tuesday writing

    Liked by 1 person

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