I literally wore a sports bra all day



Today was pretty damn awesome.

But let’s start with yesterday.

To make it short and sweet, it was literally my last 30 of my shift and I was so beyond hangry that I was looking for anything in the world to distract me. The only thing I ate that day was Matt’s very strange smelling chicken and broccoli (yet delicious as hell) and Scott’s burrito from chipotle (i really didn’t even ask if i could have any HAHAHA). But there was this guy who walked in the store looking for a gift. (what a lucky girl!) and of course with the teamwork of Alessa, Cassie and Andrea we pretty much got him a solid marriage HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That was awesome. GIRLS LOVE LULULEMON. IF YOU’RE A MAN AND YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR LADY SUPER HAPPY, BUY HER LULULEMON. BUT KNOW HER SIZE BECAUSE MEN ARE.. WELL MEN.


The only reason I wake up this morning is because Aero is calling. I’m so thankful for that dude. If it wasn’t for him, this bomb ass day wouldn’t of happened. We told him we we’re gonna hit yoga and brunch in Austin and if it wasn’t for him, I would of laid in bed all damn day.

First off, this is my first ever Bikram yoga class and oh my sweet babbbbbbby that was a yoga class. Liz was the one who told us about it and turns out, her husband was running the class.

Halfway through this 109 degree class I soon regretted all my life choices hahahahaha. Goodness I’ve never experienced anything like that. The sweat was real but the class was such a great experience. I took many breaks but I survived. I survived and man I can’t wait to do it again.

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It was literally way too damn hot to put on a shirt over my drenched sports bra. So I decided let’s not wear a dang shirt today. IT WAS SUCH A FREE FREE FEELING. We decided to hit Rainey Street for brunch. David and Aero talked and had such a grand time and for me, I petted every dog in the 5 mile radius ahahahaha. First off, if you are in the Austin are and have never been to Banger’s, go. it will change your life. forever. Get the Manmossssaaaaaaaaa.


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The thing that freaked me out was how my insecurities went out the window. I’m very self conscious when it comes to my body. Only in my dreams would I just wear a sports bra in public and a ridiculously sweaty bun. Maybe it was the hot yoga or the manmossaaaaaa I had that made me just happy to be in my own skin. It was Austin, so it helped. I was just happy in my time of life. David had a really good time and Aero did too. It was just such a good good time.

I was just happy. I was so so happy. I didn’t care about my outfit or my insecurities or how badly my sweat smelled haha. I was just so happy.

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