ALL SUMMER 16 *Drake voice*

looking, looking, looking


I’ve been MIA.. I know.

This summer.. Summer 2016 was the best time to go MIA. I decided to slow down on the vlogs and writing and I decided to be a very irresponsible 22 year old. I decided to be selfish and enjoy this “last” summer before graduation without editing, spell checking and making sure life was “acceptable” enough to put it on the internet.

I decided to enjoy my friendships, relationship and all the adventures the summer had to offer and mannnnn it was so worth it.

If only I could write about every dang story, then maybe you’d understand why my writing stopped. The memories, the laughs, the people, the tears, the stories, the bullshit, the dramatic fake ending of Jamals birthday party, the love. This was such an amazing summer and I’m so beyond happy I got to spend it with some amazing people.

So thank you to the people who got me away from my laptop and got a drink in my hand, a tan on my body and stories I will tell my future kids about. Thank you David, Eli, Jamal, Curry, Bre, Nisha, Jordin, Adam, KC, Greg, Jorge, Santi, Ana, Lily, Val, Brandee, Brock, Anna (and all of my wonderful women’s league) and soo many more people. Thank you. Thank you for the support, the love and the friendships.

Take a glimpse.






Stay true,

Sydney Maigon

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