I still believe in good people

April has been a rough month. I’m so beyond glad it is over. Now it’s May.. and I’m still in a funk?

April has been full of tears, laughs, more tears and some hard lessons.

Things happen, people change and trust becomes lost.

I’m not trying to get all in my business on the internet because people are mean, but for the good people out there, keep reading…


Our society, our generation, us. We have allowed the people around us to become numb. We have subliminally accepted half-ass love and support. We know people aren’t good for us yet we continue to want acceptance from them. We continue to try and make people like us when we’re not even sure if we like ourselves.

Can you look in the mirror.. can you feel happiness within your reflection?


I want to live a life where people are just simply happy for you. People are considerate of your feelings. People think of how their actions and words could change another persons life forever. Maybe it’s a fantasy land i live in, but I’m thankful for the thoughts I carry and the hope I have for humanity.


2 thoughts on “I still believe in good people

  1. Sorry you’ve been going through rough times but know that there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel and that everything happens for a reason ill keep you in my prayers chin up you’re a steong girl and you’ll get through it if you need someone to talk to know that i am here 😊


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