Standing in time

March 7, 2016.

I can truthfully say, I feel so peaceful.

I’m slowly finding my way.

I moved into a lovely town home that I adore. I’m smarter with things financially. My family and I are in a better place. My relationship with David is very, very comfortable. My friendships have continued to flourish. My coaching.. the kids I’m surrounded with, the families that come with them, man I’m so blessed.

This may not mean anything to you, but to me, this is the world. I’ve grown spiritually. My outlook on life, friendships, money, love and time. Reaching out to old friends and being open to making new ones. Giving people third, fourth, and fifth chances. Taking chances, experiencing the same old things with a new mindset. How I talk to people, how I try to be more understanding.

of course I fall off the wagon and get angry, (cussing is my favorite, sorry mom) but I’m so happy of the spirit I’m in and the people I surround myself with.

I may not have it all together, but if I could, I would love to stay in this moment of my life a little bit longer.



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