My 2016 Goals

  1. Say “yes” more. I’ve been 21 since last April.. and I can count how many times I’ve actually been out. People would invited me and after the 95950230430 “no,” they stopped inviting. I want to change that. I love being a homebody, but I’m learning to relax on the word “no.” Food, drinks, walks, working out, whatever the case may be, I’m going to try and get off my couch and enjoy life outside of Law and Order SVU.
  2. Trust my energy. People or places. It’s all about vibes. I’m slowly learning to surround myself around people who embrace me, not just put up with me and visit places that make me feel alive and happy.
  3. Not let money define me. Yes, we went to New York.. and I know you are all thinking.. it’s so expensive. IT IS. I saved and saved.. went some nights hungry.. a lot more thrifting than usual, and dollar stores were my favorite.. but going to New York was the best thing I ever did. I’ve realized memories and moments are so much better than money..
  4. No more empty promises. I’m guilty of the, “yeah, ill hit you up later.” or the “we need to get together soon.” I hate when people leave me with empty promises so I want to change that. I WILL HIT YOU UP LATER. WE WILL GET TOGETHER THAT DAY. NO MORE EMPTY WORDS WITH NO MEANING 2016.
  5. Embrace the unknown. I’m graduating in one year. One freaking year. December 2016. I’m scared as hell. I’m trying to embrace having no control of my destiny. I’m trying to find happiness in not knowing what the hell will happen a year from now. I’m a bit of a control freak so this will be very interesting for me.
  6. Be more social. I’m only cool online. Really. I have many friends and followers but I’m actually the most awkward person. I’m trying to learn how to embrace people. Make a new friend in every class or reach out to some followers in my area and just have adventures or good conversation.
  7. Try not to be my own enemy. I kind of chilled on YouTube for a bit because I was a little discouraged. With that.. I chilled on my blog too. I’m so thankful for all of the support but the thoughts in my head overwhelm me from time to time. I am slowly finding peace within myself and I’m trying to be a great support system for myself.

life is grand.

I hope all of y’all have a wonderful 2016.


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