10 Tips on Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is all about costumes, candies, parties, friends and fun! One huge aspect a lot of us tend to overlook is the simplicity of being safe. As a College kid, Halloween festivities officially start tonight! So as we kick off Halloween, here are some simple, yet significant, ways to keep yourself and your friends safe.

giphy (2)

1.GO TO A PARTY WITH PEOPLE YOU TRUST. Just because you get invited to a party doesn’t mean you should go. Find a group of friends you genuinely trust and STICK TOGETHER.

2.PAY ATTENTION TO TRAFFIC. People can barley drive during the day.. imagine a night like this? Let’s take it back to elementary, “look both ways before you cross.” Sounds silly huh? Just remember the party will still be there no matter how many cars pass by. If you decide to drive, please be extra cautious.

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3.FACE PAINT >>> MASKS. Masks tend to limit your vision. Don’t wear colored contacts if you can’t see clearly in them. Vision is key on nights like these. Have some creative fun with your makeup instead of covering majority of your face.


4.CHECK YOUR CANDY BEFORE YOU EAT IT. If you see some strange looking candy floating around, don’t eat it, especially if it doesn’t have a wrapper. Yes.. even gummy bears from a bowl can be tampered with. Bring your own candy or find some that is completely sealed.

5. LET MOMS AND POPS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Sounds outrageous right? Even if they are 1739028023 miles away. Let someone who isn’t with you know where you are. For a lot of parents, this brings closure. Every parent worries about their child on holidays, no matter how old you are.

6. AVOID OUTRAGEOUS COSTUMES. So.. You picked an amazing costume.. but once you bend down, all booty is out. Simply wear tights underneath or change your costume completely. Be mindful that this is one of the wildest nights around the world.


7.STRANGER DANGER IS STILL A REAL THING. “I’m grown.” Yes, yes, I know. Be cautious to who you meet and who they claim to be. Tonight is a night where people can be whoever they want to be, remember that.

8.TRUST YOUR GUT. If something just doesn’t feel right, don’t chance it.


9.KNOW WHEN TO CALL IT A NIGHT. Know your limit. Enjoy your night out but be able to remember what happened yesterday.

Vintage Halloween GIFs (5)

10.CALL MOMS AND POPS TO TELL THEM YOU’RE ALIVE. Really. Parents get ridiculously worries. Just call them the next morning or afternoon and just wish them a good day. It brings them peace.


Love always,


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