Top 10 Things to do on a Rainy Day

1. Build a freaking cool fort! Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags. Anything you can think of, grab it and get creative. rain2

2. Netflix your life away. Some of my favorites are Law and Order SVU, How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal and Pretty Little Liars.

3. When Netflix bores you, stream a movie online. Just recently I finally got to experience Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I & II. Yesterday David and I saw The Visit. Last night we also streamed Trainwreck.

4. Have a DIY spa day. You already know the drill. Get on Pinterest and find some great ways to mositurize, make a hair mask, give yourself a pedi and mani. TREAT YO SELF.


5. Play Cards Against Humanity with your friends. I’m talking about those really close, can always take a joke, are super sarcastic, witty, not your parents, maybe some strangers who won’t judge you friends. This card game is my absolute favorite invention of all time. Laughs, awkward silence and memories are beyond expected.

rain4 rain5

6. Make up a drinking game. Think of some creative ways to be completely irresponsible in your own home.

rain6 rain7

7. Make a meal you saw on Pinterest. Experiment. Go to your closest grocery store and become a chef. Ideas are endless when you’re on Pinterest.

rain8 rain9

8. Make up a game to get to know your friends better. Rainy days are meant for great conversation. Gather around in a circle, everyone write a question and put it in a bowl and expect the unexpected.



10. STUDYAlright, stop slacking. Even an hour will be helpful for your upcoming test.


Love always,


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