Thoughts on a Thursday..

Thursday. Thursday’s are weird. Maybe it’s just this Thursday. This day. I don’t know. I just feel off. I feel strange. I’m not happy or sad, or mad? or…. I don’t even truly know. I just know I want to write.. or vent maybe?


Everyday I think about life. I get into the depths of happiness, love, friendships, money, aliens, religion, canned bread and how the body actually works.. or why does it work? The way a scab heals is sooo interesting to me. What really runs through my mind is how strangers pronounce my middle name. It’s spelled so strange and pronounced soooo differently. The fact that no one in the world has your exact same fingerprint… whatttt theeee..

okay…. I’m done…

The mind is such an interesting thing. I find myself thinking too much about things I don’t even want the answer to and thinking too little about school and work.

This isn’t a post bout finding happiness.. or life lessons.. or anything really. It’s about me having a really strange Thursday. These photos really have no meaning except for the fact that they make me happy.

s 4 s 6 syd 1 syd 6

I hope you all reading this have a great day. I hope I’ve sparked some thoughts about canned bread and aliens. I hope you enjoy my photos that really describe me. I hope you enjoy the life you’re living.

David, thank you. Thank you for understanding my strange day and simply reminding me how great you are.

Cassidy & DeVean, thank you too. You both are such interesting characters and make my day so much better.

Love always,


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