September 30, 2015.

As I realize this is the last day of the month, I knew I had to owe September a “Thank you.”

September was one of the most life changing, influential and aspiring months I’ve ever experienced.

This semester at Texas State University I enrolled for a class called Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media. My first assignment in this class was due on Twitter. I didn’t like the class from the jump. I deleted my twitter about two years ago because I thought it was a waste of time. Even though I wasn’t so excited about this assignment, I remade a twitter account and got it done. I decided to keep it running because MAYBE I did miss Twitter more than I thought. Okay.. who am I lying to.. I MISSED IT SOOOOO MUCH.

After the Twitter assignment was over, I put my pride aside and realized that FDOM is probably my favorite class. My next assignment was about creating a blog. I was a little uneasy about this because I really didn’t know what to expect. The fear of the unknown has always made me a little REALLLLYYY FREAKIN SCARED. I first started off my blog about personal experiences and everyday life. “Young and Completely Confused” was the name of my first baby. (A huge thank you to everyone who supported that blog and now supporting this one). I feel that I jumped in head first without really feeling things out. I’m a very private person so me putting myself out there was really hard for me to do. I took some time to reconstruct my blog into what it is now. Sydney Maigon is about adventures, food, and life. I thought it would be so fun to let people in on things I find noteworthy and food I’ve always loved. The lifestyle area is where I have more range to talk about anything I want. Fashion, polls, apps, surveys, tips, love and life. I love having the opportunity to still put myself out there yet connect with other people about other things too.

September was about personal development, passions and ambition pursuing.

I started my blog not knowing exactly where it would go. I just knew I wanted to let people get a glimpse of my life. Ever since I started writing, I’ve realized how fun it really is. I have now created my own logo and I’m now pushing Sydney Maigon as a brand. It’s quite exciting. I’ve never imagined myself working an 8-5 job, I just never truly knew how to get there. As I started researching, I found blogging was a huge door I just opened. As they say, as one door opens, 24308530482 billion more open too. (well maybe what I say) When I took that leap of faith for this blog, I found endless opportunities. I have recently started my own YouTube channel that I hope will be up and running by November! (send me some ideas you have in mind as well!) Many big things are happening in this crazy life I call my own. It all started with a huge leap of faith.

Just recently I have received many messages and comments from friends, family and strangers! The fact that my mom (hey mom!) isn’t the only person reading my blog truly makes me the happiest person in the world.

I’m from a small town. A town where most people don’t go to college or even leave the city. This post is for them. Never give up on your dreams. WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE YOU CAN STILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Grow. Research. Find Happiness by doing something you love. Believe in yourself. Fight for what you want.

Do not let having a college degree, or not having a college degree define you. Ever. Trust your struggle. Know where you are is not where you have to be. Every single day is an opportunity to change you life, take it, and don’t ever look back.

Thank you September. Thank you to all the people supporting me by simply reading my blog, and a wish of luck to you who have decided to go after your dreams. Always know I support you.

Oh, and a huge thank you to my grandma, for always calling me by my middle name. Rest easy my sweetheart.

love always,


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