Reyna’s Snow Cones

If you’re a snow cone lover, Brownsville, Texas, is the place to go.

I grew up in a very small town called Rio Hondo, Texas. I then transferred schools and spent the rest of my high school career in Harlingen, Texas. I proudly graduated from Harlingen High School South. Both of these small cities are all located in “The Valley.”  If you’ve heard of South Padre Island,  you sort of have an idea of where I’m from. Brownsville is another city that lies within “The Valley.” For the confused, “The Valley” is a term describing the area. There are so many cities and towns that are included in this area of Texas. “The Valley” is a very special place. (no worries, we will get into the valley another time, for now, lets talk about my recent, life changing, discovery.)


This map will give you a better understanding as to where I am from. For those of you thinking it.. SAN ANTONIO DOES NOT HAVE THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD. “The Valley” will forever have the best food for the best prices.

Now that my family has moved to San Antonio, we don’t visit as much. I took this summer as an opportunity to go. One of my best friends from high school, Ali, told me about this place called Reyna’s. I honestly found out about this place by stalking her on Instagram. She posted these amazing photos of her at this snow cone stand and I had to get my hands on these amazing looking things ASAP.

Seriously, how could you resist not being nosy?! As my trip to south Texas came closer, my true excitement was about Reyna’s. I seriously had a schedule focused around getting Reyna’s. That was by far, the best decision ever.

Reyna’s is seriously a little trailer thing full of amazingness. Seriously.. They had EVERYTHING!

This is what David and I got..

These.. Oh my.. These were so beyond amazing. They carved out the fruit, threw in pineapples, watermelon, melon, grapes, candy, gummy bears, chamoy, the Mexican lolipops, and more Mexican candy.  These huge things were only $8!!!! The only thing is that they only take cash. SO DON’T TAKE YOUR CARDS. TAKE CASH. LOTS OF CASH. YOU’LL WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING.

These are only two things off of their huge menus. Mango fresca, Raspas (aka snow cones), Mangonadas, Corn in the cup and so much more


Once again, thank you Ali Lunsford. I miss you so much.

This is the address,

2235 Central Blvd
Brownsville, TX 78520


oh, and you’re welcome.

Love always,


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