The Wine Walk

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce to you Soraya Janae Herbert.

I met this gem last year in one of my PR classes. This woman is also a PR major and she sure has saved my life. Ever since I transferred to Texas State, my anti-socialness has gotten very overwhelming. I’m a very hard person to love because I never really let anyone in. As soon as we met, we clicked instantly. Till this day, I can easily call this woman one of my best friends.

also, check out her blog! A lot of my inspiration came from her! Soraya Janae

Soraya Janae Soraya Janae TXST

Soraya contacted me about volunteering for this event called Family Weekend Wine Walk  On September 18th, 2015. Since neither of us are in any organizations, we thought community service would look fab in our resume. The only true reason why I agreed to do this wine walk was because Soraya invited me. Other than that, I would of gladly watched netflix all day.

We signed up to be photographers. My boyfriend, David, has two super amazing, professional cameras and I thought it would be really fun. I’ll admit, I have never really been the one behind the camera so I was kind of nervous. Soraya, was Soraya, and she was too excited.

The Wine Walk is an event at Texas State University held on Familly Weekend. To make a somewhat long story short, there was wine tastings, amazing food and tons of smiling faces.We walked throughout the square taking photos of tipsy families, fun couples, and college kids happy to see their parents. I truly enjoyed my time with this event. I met so many new people and even ran into some great old friends. The Community Relations staff were such a delight. All of them were so supportive and sweet. I greatly recommend anyone at Texas State University to get involved with such a great group of people. It was an overall amazing event filled with even better people.

I truly got to experience the Square and all of the great businesses, here’s to name a few:

Salon Thairapy

San Marvelous

Candy, Sweets and Treats

Hays Co Outfitters

The Stellar Cafe

KnD’s Resale N More

are some of the great business’ that participated in this event.

Here are some great photos myself, Soraya, David, and our good friend Manny took. Within a couple of days the rest should be uploaded Here

IMG_2755a 1IMGP2613IMGP2504




love always,


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