The One and Only

Forest Hills Drive 2014 Tour

Let me start off by saying I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT IN MY LIFE. I was the kid that played sports year round. I had a trainer. I had a designated schedule. Weekends were for games, winter breaks, thanksgiving breaks, spring breaks were for tournaments. I have never experienced a concert until August 22, 2015.

My whole summer was a countdown until this day. I have always loved J.Cole. Ever since I heard “Lights Please” in 2011, I was locked in. When Cole first announced this tour, we realized it was too late to buy tickets for the San Antonio show and that really bummed me out. This was the first album I could listen to front to back, on repeat, without any hesitation. As bummed as we were, we had to just smile and go on with the world. About a week later he reveals his second act.. IN AUSTIN. Without hesitation we got tickets ASAP!

As summer dwindled down, so did my patience. I just wanted to see him so badly! the fact that YG, Big Sean, & Jeremiah were going to be there as well, made me all types of anxious.

Alright.. Let’s fast forward.

I SPENT ALL AFTERNOON GETTING READY. This was my first concert so I wanted to look extra cute! I YouTube’d how to do my makeup (hahahaha) and really planned my outfit. I WAS TOO LIVE.

t 7

I also tried and somewhat finessed some fake eyelashes! HAHAHAHA! but check out that lipstick though.

…okay, okay I’m done now.

David knew this was my first concert so he let me be great and let me get all dolled up. BIG MISTAKE. IT WAS SO DANG HOT. We get to the theater around 5. The doors didn’t open until 6:30 but we had the GA pit so me being, me, wanted to get there extra early. THE WALK FROM THE PARKING LOT TO THE THEATER WAS ABSOLUTE TRASH. I was already sweating bullets before we even got in line.

Me being, me, aka super stubborn, did not want to buy water or anything because it was ridiculously expensive. I’m talking $8 bucks for a bottle of water. NAH. ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE. So were in the pit waiting for forever for the first act to come on.. I’m dying. I’m looking around and I see all these females in tanks with their hair up and water and I’m just standing there looking extra cute. A HEADS UP. ANY FEMALE GOING TO A CONCERT, DON’T WEAR MAKEUP, DON’T WEAR SLEEVES, DON’T BE ME. I was soooooo sweaty it was overwhelming. My makeup was slowing melting off. It was a huge mess, but so worth my five minutes of cuteness.

Alright, so this Texas heat was a little overwhelming. I started realizing everyone else around me was also drenched in sweat and looking a little dehydrated. By now it’s almost show time and the people working there start passing out cups of water with ice. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE WONDERFUL STRANGERS WHO GAVE ME WATER. YOU ARE THE GOAT.

Big Sean was so live in person. His energy was so overwhelming. Jeremiah was that man for having dancers. Man he was too live for that. YG made me feel like a gangsta and I really enjoyed it. All the other memebers of Dreamville we’re extremely talented as well. The opening act was so great yet so beyond hot. When J Cole finally comes he announced that he will be playing his WHOLE ALBUM. I was soooo beyond excited.

t 5t 4

This man is absolute gold. About halfway through his album I could not take the heat anymore so i escaped the crowd, found a huge fan that was also blowing water and stood in front of that thing for the rest of the concert. I had so much dancing space it was wonderful.

As he finishes his last song he nonchalantly ends the show and walks off.. I was highkey kind of sad he did that. Like what?! You were singing, you were talking to us, telling us stories and you’re just going to leave like that?! As we started to walk off.. I hear this man say, “YOU THOUGHT I WAS REALLY DONE?” THIS MAN DECIDES TO THROW IT BACK. Planes, Dreams, Crooked Smile, Power Trip, Can’t Get Enough and even my all time favorite, Work Out. Jermaine Cole is a legend! My first and only concert will forever be my best.

I’m so thankful for my first concert, for David Allen and Jermaine Cole.

t 6

Love always,


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