Heaven aka Oasis

I have this list named “yummmmy” in my notes in my phone full of miscellaneous places I’ve always wanted to go. Oasis was one of those places with that heart eye emoji next to it.

My mom was actually the first person to tell me about this place. She went to UT and told me this was a place I “NEEDED” to go to. I’m so glad I did.

I mean…. look at this place.


First of all.. let me start off by saying this place was in the BOONDOCKS. This was located right next to the beautiful Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. The drive there was so amazing and so worth it. Hills were surrounding us. The beautiful mansions were a nice sight to see too. The curvy roads that led us to this destination was a view in itself.

As we got there, parking was insane. There were people in golf carts taking them to the restaurant. I was a bit puzzled, but my stubborn self decided to walk. DON’T DO IT. TAKE THE GOLF CART. THE WALK FROM THE PARKING LOT TO THE RESTAURANT WAS SO EXHAUSTING. As we finally got to the front of the restaurant, I fell in love. The ambiance was truly wonderful. There were so many statues and greenery that made me want to be a complete tourist.

We got there right around sunset and actually caught this,


This sight was absolutely stunning. There was so many people, but I can honestly say it was a beautiful, peaceful, chaotic mess. The water made my soul at ease. All the people there made my heart happy too.. Everyone was so nice and happy to be there. There was also a band playing. Drums, guitar, three singers in full costume playing the best songs of the 70’s and 80’s. “RESPECT” and “Got to Be Real” are my jams! They did their thang!

These are other photos I found online,



I thought it was so neat how they actually have photography contest there. I saw so many professional photographers. Those people who have tripods to hold their cameras up, THOSE PEOPLE WERE THERE.

of course I HAD to get a margarita and I must say, it was well worth it! We had the fajita for two plate. We got the chicken fajita and shrimp. The rice and beans were icing on the cake. The tortillas were fresh and so tasty! And the plate was huge too! So we took a to-go box. The leftovers the next day were bomb too.

The prices were fairly prices were pretty fair. Some meals started as low as $15 a plate and the drinks were about $8 as well.

overall, I suggest everyone to go there. It’s a perfect date night, girls night, guys night, and even family night spot.

Here’s the address,

6550 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX 78732

love always,


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